Common Phrases with ALL

1. All day long – the whole day. Example: Catherine waited for me all day long, but I could not go to meet her as I was busy in some important work.

2. All right – safe/acceptable/satisfactory. Example: (a)Are you all right? (b)Whatever you all want to do is all right with me.

3. All over – completely finished/everywhere. Example: It’s all over between me and them.

4. All along – all the time. Example: I had known the reality all along, but could not either help myself or take help from anyone.

5. Not at all – used to say “No” or “Not” strongly. Example: (a) “I hope it’s not difficult for you to finish the project within two days”. “No, not at all”. (b) I am not at all convinced with what you have told me.

6. Once and for all – now and for the last time/finally. Example: Don’t trust them now anymore. I am telling it to you for once and for all.

7. All set – prepared/ ready, in position for some action. Example: I’m all set to go for world tour.

8. Against all odds – despite very low chances/possibility. Example: Against all odds, she won in all the battles of life.

9. All-in-one – combining two or more items/features in a single item/piece/product. Example: It’s an all-in-one course, it not helps you in improving your grammar, but also enhances your vocabulary and polish your oratory skills.

10. For all intents and puposes – virtually/almost completely. Example: For all intents and purposes, he is the decision-maker in the organization. He is the nephew of the CEO.

11. At all times – always/without stopping. Example: Whenever something wrong happens, he puts blame on his parents at all times.

12. All ears – ready and eager to listen. Example: The best part of his personality is this that he is always all ears when you wish to share something with him.

13. All the best – wish someone luck. Example: All the best Mr. Bhatia. I hope you clinch the deal to buy the company.

14. At all costs – at any cost. Example: You must stop delaying your success at all costs.

15. After all – most importantly/ultimately. Example: We should never procrastinate doing what is right for us, ater all it’s a matter of our happiness or sadness in the end.

16. Above all – chiefly/mainly. Example: You should never accept his business proposal as his business is not very lucrative and above all he is also not a genuine person.

17. All time – being for all time till now. Example: An all time clerk got his daughter married to a billionaire.

18. All-day – happening or lasting all day. Example: Wedding is an all-day celebration so be energetic.

19. Know-it-all – pretending to know almost everything. Example: I can’t stand the company of people with pre-conceived notions and know-it-all attitude.

20. Most of all – chiefly/essentially. Example: There are a couple of this Manya wants to share, but most of all she wants to share her agony and loss.

21. All purpose – having many uses. Example: It’s an all purpose book. It contains lessons on grammar, vocabulary as well as voice and accent.

22. All the way – the entire distance. Example: I went all the way from Delhi to Bangalore to confront him and get the answers of my questions.

23. First of all – before doing anythign else. Example: First of all, you must have good health and then you can focus on rest of the things.

24. All the time – often/continuously. Example: If you keep finding flaws in everyone and everthing all the time then everyone will stop talking to you.

25. All inclusive – including everything. Example: The travel agent offers cheap all inclusive holiday packages.

26. All of a sudden – quickly. Example: Everything happened all of a sudden so I could not carry all the documents.

27. All or nothing – either completely or not at all. Example: Sometimes it’s about having all or nothing.

28. All is said and done – when everything is finished/resolved. Example: It’s too late to re-open the case now as all is said and done.

29. Be-All and End-All – the essential factor/important factor. Example: Happiness should be the be-all and end-all of every action in life.

30. Free-for-all – uncontrolled/chaotic. Example: After the arrival of the journalist from all the news channels, the meeting turned into a free-for-all.

31. From all walks of life – from different social, economic groups/backgrounds. Example: People from all walks of life join this course and become friends during the course.

32. All for something – believe in something/in support of something. Example: I am all for integrity and hard work, but that doesn’t mean I want anyone to exploit me.

33. All the rage – current fashion. Example: Tattoos on the wrist are all the rage.

34. All talk – talk about doing something, but never do it. Example: Sometimes I wish that the dreams that I had were not all talk.

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