Some Collocations & Phrases with – SET | Spoken English

Here are Some Collocations & Phrases with SET : Collocations:

  • Set the table – arrange the table in preparation for eating. Example: Please set the table as guests wish to have dinner in another ten-fifteen minutes.


  • Set something on fire – cause something to start burning with fire. Example: She threw a match stick in the dustbin and it set the papers in the dustbin on fire.


  • Set an alarm – schedule an alarm for a specific time. Example: I am a big procrastinator. Every day I set an alarm of 5:30am and generally get up by 6:30am.


  • Set a good/bad example – show such behavior that can influence others for good/bad. Example: Dhruv has set an example for the world that even if your own parents are selfish and bad you must support them and love them unconditionally.


  • Set foot – step on a particular area. Example: I shouted at him,” If you ever set foot in my residence I will call the police.


  • Set a record – create a record. Example: You have to be persistent in your field if you want to set any record.


  • Set a trap – to prepare a strategy to catch, trick, or hurt someone. Example: They set a trap to ruin a family.


  • Set your heart/mind on – want to get/do something. Example: Mona has set her heart on starting an NGO.
  • Dead set against – extremely opposed to something. Example: She is dead set against her sister-in-law.
  • Dead set on – extremely determined to do something. Example: She is dead set on eating healthy food and walking on regular basis to reduce weight.
  • All set – completely ready/finished. Example: Everything is all set for the wedding of my sibling.
  • Set the record straight – rectify a mistake/misunderstanding. Example: You need to set the record straight by changing your behavior towards the people who dislike you.
  • Set in your ways – having a fixed attitude and not willing to change. Example: He is so set in his ways. He doesn’t even want to have a smart phone and want to learn internet.
  • Not set in stone – flexible. Example: I am planning to join gym and reduce at least two kg in a month, but it’s not set in stone.
  • Set the stage for – make preparations for some activity to take place. Example: Your happiness will set the stage for your success.

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