Collocations/Phrases with CALL | Part-1 | Spoken English

Collocations/Phrases with CALL – I :

  • Call back – a return call. Example: They called me back for the final round of the interview.


  • Call by – to visit someone for a short duration. Example: She may call by you in the evening as I have told her that you are not well.


  • Call down – to criticize or reprimand someone. Example: Their sins may call misery and sufferings down to them.


  • Call for someone/something – to require someone/something. Example: This situation calls for someone who is visionary and experienced.


  • Call a huddle – to come together to discuss something. Example: When they were losing the match, they call a huddle to strategise their next move.


  • Call it a day – admit defeat/stop trying doing something. Example: After being cheated by two men in her life, she has finally stopped thinking of marriage and called it a day.


  • Call someone names – to abuse or call with insulting names. Example: They have been calling her names for so many years directly as well as indirectly that now she has lost her senses and interest in life.


  • Call out – to challenge someone over something they have said/done. Example: I felt like calling Deepa out for her hypocrite, rude and selfish behaviour.


  • Call something to mind – recall/bring to mind. Example: She had discarded her all expensive wedding dresses as whenever she used to look at them, it would call her ex-husband to her mind.


  • Call someone’s attention to – to bring something to someone’s notice. Example: I want to call your attention to the wedding invitations we have received for the same date.


  • Call something even – when two parties don’t owe anything to each other. Example: I will not call the karmic account to be even at this moment as they have not received what they have given.


  • Call something into question – to doubt/suspect. Example: The loss to the organization calls Mr. Madhani’s integrity into question.


  • Call the tune – to dictate how something proceeds. Example: She is her manager’s favourite so she calls the tune in her department.

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