English in Action

• The Power of Grammar • Simple & Complex Sentence Making • First Language & ESL Connection • Speaking Skills • Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases • Writing • Effective Oral […]

FYIV: Find Your Inner Voice

• Grammar Essentials: Basic and Advanced Grammar, Lexical Resource, General and Business Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases • 5 W’s & 1 H: Learn Who, What, Where, When, Why & How […]

BASS: Become A Superstar Speaker

(Includes The Course FYIV) • Insight of Public Speaking: An in-depth training of delivering speeches at possibly any occasion, thorough discussions on the differences and techniques of speeches in different […]

Corporate Skills

(Includes The Course English & Public Speaking) • Computer handling ( MS office, Excel, PowerPoint) • Resume writing and interview mock sessions • Report and email writing

Online or Home Training

• English Grammar • Training of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening • Simple & Complex Sentence Making • First Language & ESL Connection • Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases

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