The Art of Public Speaking | What You Need To Know About Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art and in which management of words and voice are very important. And in Public speaking confidence plays very important role.

A collection and selection of words is very important, which needs to be learn as one learn any other activity. The way you communicate shows a lot about you.
In written skills one can learn the topic and write it down, but while speaking its instant reply which you give or instant attention you get.

Why Public speaking skills are important:

It’s important that you speak well and choose correct words while speaking in public area or while speaking to your friends and it shows how confident you are.
Correct or wrong communication skills can create a good or bad image or perception about anyone.

Perfection, when you notice someone has made the mistake while speaking, no one will care but when you speak and you realize that you made a mistake and continue going on will make you perfect. Correcting and realizing your own mistakes are best ways to improve.

Whenever you speak in public area, it builds up your confidence. And make you feel more comfortable in terms of delivering your message to the larger audience.


How to improve you public speaking skills:

To become a good speaker first you need to start to become a good listener, observer.

The speaker is always get selected or rejected by his way of communication or words he chose, not with the content he speaks.

You can not speak about the topic which you do not know, read as much as you can and gain knowledge.

It is said that 60% of communication is non verbal, a best public speaker pay a lot attention to their non verbal communication, a tone, attitude, body language.

Practice is one of the best medium to get the chances to become a perfect speaker, stand in front of the mirror and practice.

Once you are done of gaining the information about the topic just choose the correct medium or emotions to deliver the message.

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