ANIMAL Idioms & Phrases – Part (I) | Spoken English

Here are some Interesting ANIMAL Idioms & Phrases:


  • Ants in one’s pants – to be nervous or anxious. Example: Whenever she has to give a some presentation she has ants in her pants.
  • At a Snail’s pace – extremely slow. Example: You can never achieve your goal if you keep working at a snail’s pace.
  • As busy as a Bee – extremely busy. Example: I am as busy as a bee right now so please you can discuss this matter later.
  • All bark and no bite – full of talk, but without action. Example: Everyone believes that she is all bark and no bite as she has never achieved any goal she has ever committed.
  • Bet on the wrong Horse – to support a person/thing that may fail. Example: They laughed in joys, sharing that they did not bet on the wrong Horse by making Yukti their prime supporter as she looks innocent and no one would believe that she was involved in the crime.
  • Bull in a China shop – to be clumsy in a delicate situation. Example: You are behaving like a Bull in a China shop by shouting at them and cursing them as it is only going to increase the problem and nothing else.
  • Butterflies in one’s stomach – sensation in the abdomen because of nervousness. Example: I was having butterflies in my stomach when I met my husband for the first time.
  • Catnap – a short sleep during the day. Example: Take a catnap before leaving for the meeting as you may feel fresh.
  • Chicken out – not to do something because of fear. Example: I had thought of going ahead for Bungee jumping, but when I saw some people had had an accident then I chickened out.
  • Copy Cat – one who imitates. Example: Her daughter is a copy cat, whatever she wears and the way she behaves, her daughter also does the same.
  • A Cash Cow – that generates profit. Example: Having franchises of your company with administrative control works as cash cows for the company.
  • A cat on a hot tin roof – anxious and nervous. Example: Before signing the papers she was like a Cat on a hot tin roof.

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