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Adjectives & Prepositions Collocations -WITH

  1. Acquainted with – familiar with. Example: Be well-acquainted with the topics for the test.
  2. Angry with – not happy with. Example: She was angry with herself for not making right choices and was over indulging in food.
  3. Annoyed with – angry with someone. Example: I am annoyed with everyone in this world right now so please leave me alone for some time.
  4. Associated with – to be connected with. Example: He is associated with powerful politicians so no journalist will ever think of exposing him.
  5. Blessed with – to have/get something special. Example: She is blessed with the power of clairvoyance.
  6. Bored with – not feeling energetic or enthusiastic and happy with someone/something. Example: Everybody gets bored with the monotonous life. We need to keep doing something that excites our souls.
  7. Busy with – focused/working on some particular task/project. Example: These days she is busy with completing her research work so she can start working on her new book after finishing her research work only.
  8. Careless with – not giving sufficient attention to. Example: How can one be so careless with one’s words? One should never utter words that may affect one’s life.
  9. Careful with – paying attention to. Example: He is always careful with money. He doesn’t let anyone take advantage of his generosity.
  10. Clever with – skillful/intelligent with. Example: She is clever with managing many things at the same time.
  11. Cluttered with – filled with things in untidy manner. Example: Mr. Ahuja’s home is cluttered with old clothes, utensils, bags and almirahs.
  12. Comfortable with – providing ease and relaxation. Example: Ms. Rose is an extrovert lady. She feels comfortable with anyone from any part of the world
  13. Concerned with – interested in/care for. Example: Being the Prime Minister, he must be concerned with the overall development of the country and not on having a huge personal bank balance.
  14. Connect with – relate with/relevant. Example: Once you are connected with the target audience then no one can stop you from achieving your target.
  15. Content with – happy/satisfied with. Example: Be content with what you have right now, but keep trying to achieve what you wish to in your life.
  16. Coordinate with – to work together with another person to achieve something. Example: Try to coordinate with everyone in your organization as it will help you learn a lot of things.
  17. Crowded with – packed/full of people. Example: The streets were crowded with the protestors and media.
  18. Delighted with – happy with. Example: I am delighted with your presence and wish that we keep meeting every now and then.
  19. Disappointed with – sad or displeased with as someone/something is not upto your expectations.  She is disappointed with people in her life as no one loves her the way she wants.
  20. Disgusted with – feeling extreme disliking or disapproval of something. Example: I am disgusted with your behavior in the conference. I didn’t like your know it all attitude.
  21. Familiar with – to know someone/something well. Example: Since he is familiar with their true nature and real faces, he will never expect anything from them.
  22. Fine with – OK with. Example: I am fine with your decision to get relocated to a new city.
  23. Fed up with – tired of. Example: Joan is fed up with the dictatorship of wrong people in every area of her life.
  24. Free with – generous with something. Example: Nita is free with money as far as it is used for the upliftment of women.
  25. Friendly with – open with someone. Example: Some people who try to be over-friendly with you in the first meeting may be dangerous.
  26. Furious with – angry with. Example: Sensitive people get provoked and furious with wrong treatment.
  27. Furnished with – decorated with. Example: My new home is furnished with style and good taste, having all the luxuries and comfort.
  28. Generous with – kind with. Example: You can’t afford to be generous with your time if you have to achieve high targets in short span.
  29. Gentle with – mild/soft with. Example: Sometimes you have to be gentle with yourself and have to either forgive or let go.
  30. Hopeless with – bad/causing despair. Example: I feel discouraged and hopeless with him as he has nothing good or positive to say to me.
  31. Happy with – feeling pleasure/contentment.  Example: You must probe your heart every now and then and ask if you are happy with what you are doing in your life?
  32. Impressed with – to be admired/respected by. Example: Many people get impressed with the way he delivers speeches.
  33. Lucky with – blessed with luck. Example: May be I am not so lucky with relationships. Most of the time people form negative perception about me and leave me.
  34. Patient with – tolerate/take patiently. Example: He needs to be patient with his returns on investment. After all, it takes time to establish something and earn respect in the market.
  35. Pleased with – happy and satisfied with someone/something. Example: Ravi is so pleased with the mad and blind devotion of his volunteers that he has announced distributing gifts to them.
  36. Popular with – liked/admired by. Example: She is so popular with the labour class that even if she uses them for her personal motives, they don’t mind.
  37. Satisfied with – contented with. Example: They are satisfied with my performance and quite behavior.
  38. Unfriendly with – unkind/hostile. Example: HR Managers should never be unfriendly with anyone as they are the backbones of any organization.
  39. Unlucky with – misfortunate/out of luck. Example: She feels unlucky with the choices that she has made in her life about her personal life.
  40. Wrong with – unsuitable/undesirable. Example: There was something wrong with my Dog as he was barking and crying continually.

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