How to Ace the Impromptu Speech – Public Speaking

“Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art.” – As it is said by Oscar Wilde.

Does it sound a contradiction? Well,it not at all. More often than not, to be a great Spontaneous Speaker, you have to be prepared.
Impromptu speaking is one of the great challenges in communication. It needs a great deal of smart work. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Even some very good public speakers have been seen found struggling with this skill.

So, now the question is, “Need we do something to master this Public Speaking Skill?”
So the answer is, definitely we do. Why?
Because it adds charm to our personality in two different ways :-
1) When you speak spontaneously, others perceive you as someone with a good presence of mind. You seem to be a charismatic person with a logical understanding of everything.
2) When speaking with spontaneity, mostly humor comes out if the topic is not very serious and sensitive one. The impromptu statements come with a hint of humor. And the speech is a humorous one, you do wonder.

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A very easy way to be sharply spontaneous in public speaking is that you should know how to re-use of patterns, statements, phrases, jokes that you learned already some time ago. It can be applied to all types of speeches, be it humorous speech or motivational speech. One phrase can work with multiple audiences. Remember, if the audience is new, your phrases also get new.
As a picnic freak does a very good stock of a beverage station that he’ll need to enjoy a summer soiree, same does a good spontaneous public speaker. He always endeavors to make a good collection of thoughts and phrases that may interests others as well.
You may like keeping a good collection of such phrases that may be thrown anytime, and can get the same kind of warm response every time, while you leave your audience thinking that how a good spontaneous speaker you are.
The other smart work you can trick is to start sharing your personal stories. Storytelling is a very mandatory skill a public speaker must possess. If you have any personal story that fits to the situation you are given to it is equally useful for impromptu speaking as well. Stories are emotional, real, and interesting. If you stick to personal stories, you’ll find that it is much easier to speak (even without preparation) because the events are happened with you.
So, now

Do you agree that, “Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art,” or not?

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