7 Most Common Collocations

In today’s lesson, we are going to learn some of the mostly used Collocation.

So let’s first discuss what a Collocation is. ‘Co‘ means together and ‘location‘ – means place. Collocation refers to a group of two or more words that usually go together.

So here are some collocations:-

1. Come close: [Almost done something]

He came close to calling the boss a very senseless person.

I had come close to quitting my job due to the argument with my manager, but then I realised that I have no other job opportunity at the moment.


2. Come into view: [To become visible]

The tall tower, for what we’d been looking for so long, came into view as we entered the city through the main gate.

It was all dark, and only we could hear was the noise of flapping of wings. But when I lit up the torch, many bats came into view.


3. Come to a compromise: [To reach a point where both the parties agree after giving up some of their demands.]

After many meetings and several hours of discussion, we finally came to a compromise that the front portion of the land will be available for our use, and the back portion will be for them.

Finally, we came to a compromise that we shall take the case back after receiving Rs. 25000 from them.


4. Go astray: [To wander off the path. Or, to fail to arrive where it should.]

I’m sure he has gone astray. Whatever he earns, he spends in drinking wine and gambling.

My book has gone astray. I’ve searching for it since morning.


5. Get nowhere: [To get no success at all. Or, to make no progress.]

I’ve been researching on this theory since Saturday, still I’ve got nowhere yet.

If you keep talking to him this politely, trust me, you are going to get nowhere.


6. Catch sight of somebody/something: [To see someone or something briefly or only for a moment.]

I caught sight of the snake as it came rapidly out of the hole and went into the bush.

I could catch a sight of the thieves as they ran out of his house in haste.


7. Catch someone’s attention : [To make someone notice someone or something.]

I waved to catch his attention but he was too busy and didn’t notice me.

I managed to catch his attention by waving frantically among the crowd.

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