The Great Spontaneous Speech Competition

(Call to join: 99999-47824)
Greetings and salutations,

Protocols say, “spontaneity is the best adventure. But, being spontaneous takes practice. Being spontaneous makes you a great speaker.”

And, we couldn’t agree more. Hence, we organised “The Great Spontaneous Speech Competition” at Wabs Talk Moti Nagar on Sunday, the 16th of October, to boost spontaneity among our trainees. About 50 people participated and delivered incredible speeches on the spot. The best speech was elected with the help of ballots and rewarded. Heartiest congratulations to ‘Khushboo’.

A lot more is on the way Ladies and Gentlemen! Come and join the wave and reinvent yourself!

Warm regards
Reuben Singh
Head trainer
(Wabs Talk Moti Nagar)




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