20 Food Names You Probably Had Been Pronouncing Wrong All This While

You probably love having pasta with cuppa of espresso, or whenever you go out, pizza is perhaps one of your favourite go-to dishes. You simply can’t do without jalapenos in your pizza, and love chocolates like ferrero rocher every now and then. But, do you call them by their proper names? Or by just something that you think is how they are called? Check these 20 food names out, which people more often than not, get utterly wrong. You’ll find the incorrect and correct pronunciations along with the names.

Now go and show off your classiness on a dinner table. Off you go!

A NOTE: In many of these cases there isn’t one single, unquestionably correct way to say these words, so don’t get too incensed if you truly believe that dish is called peed-zuh; it depends who you are and where you live. Check out one more interesting article 25 Names of Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Have Names.

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