19 Expressions related with Test & Exams | Spoken English

1. CramMug up, learn. Example: Most of the students cram all the chapters before exams.

2. Burn the midnight oil read or study late into the night. Example: I burnt the midnight oil to get admission in IIM.


3. Flunk to fail. Example: He flunked in two subjects in tenth standard.

4. Pass with flying colourssucceed in test, examination, selection process. Example: I passed my PGDM Exams with flying colours.

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5. Kill the exam do really well. Example: According to her, she killed her toughest exam

6. Piece of cake very easy. Example: The exam was a piece of cake for me as I burnt the midnight oil during exams.

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7. To put in a nutshellto describe something in a few words. Example: To put in a nutshell, I am going to score good marks as I killed the exam.

8. To move heaven and earthto do everything you possibly can do. Example: IIT aspirants move heaven and earth to clear the exam.

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9. To pass by the skin of one’s teeth narrowly, barely, narrow escape from disaster. Example: By scoring 35% in one of the subjects he passed by the skin of his teeth.

10. Blundercareless mistake. Example: Don’t make blunders in your exam if you wish to score well.

11. Fruitful rewarding, beneficial, producing good results. Example: It’s always fruitful to work hard to get the desired result.

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12. At the eleventh hourthe last moment, the latest possible moment. Example: She crammed a few important lines at the eleventh hour.

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13. Keep one’s fingers crossed hope for good luck. Example: Before the declaration of result, all students keep their fingers crossed.

14. A brown study a state of deep thoughtfulness, daydream. Example: I was lost in a brown study so could not understand the reality.

15. Roll up sleevesto get yourself prepared, to get ready to do something difficult. Example: I have rolled up my sleeves to complete my book within a week.

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16. Zero in on somethingto focus all attention on something, to aim at a target. Example: Now a days am zeroing in on my work.

17. To commit (something) to memoryto learn by heart. Example: Everyone in our sessions, has to commit a speech to the memory before delivering it front of the class.

18. To sweat bloodto work really hard. Example: I am sweating blood to get what I want in life.

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19. Miss the boatmiss the chance. Example: You may miss the boat to score more than 90% if you don’t burn the midnight oil.

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