12 Idioms Related To Time

Time can’t be created, nor be destroyed. Yet, we have an English Idiom that says “Kill Time”…… It means to do something that is not productive and is just a waste of time. So in case you might be doing the same right now, here we’ve come with some interesting idioms related to time.


1) It’s high time : [It’s the most appropriate time to do something.]
It’s the high time we do something to aware the people of his wicked intentions. If we protest right now, we may win his seat.

2) Beat the clock : [Finish something before time is up, before the deadline.]
He started the very late, but splendidly he beat the clock and finished it off 5 minutes was still left.

3) Time flies : [Time travels without waiting for anyone or anything.]
Though it’s been 7 years, but it seems that we have just left our senior secondary school. Really, time flies.

4) In the long run : [In the long term, over a long period of time.]
PM Modi’s “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” may seem a slow and less effective initiative, but in the long run, it will change the image of India on the world-map.

5) At the eleventh hour : [ At the extreme last time, very close to losing the opportunity.]
He has almost lost the contest because of his poor performance, but he changed the game at the eleventh hour and registered a magnificent victory.

6) Once in a blue moon : [Something that happens very rarely.]
If you take off from the work, it will not be tolerated. Yeah, if it happens once in a blue moon, it’s OK. We can understand that.

7) Behind the times : [Being old-fashioned.]
The only reason why everyone laughs at her in the college is that she is behind the times. If you really care for her, make her aware with the latest fashion. She needs to change her dress-up and many other things.

8) Around the clock : [It means that something is available for 24 hours a day.]
That medical shop at the airport is open around the clock. You can fetch your medicine anytime from there.

9) Against the clock : [It means that you have to rush to get your job completed as you have very little time to for it.]
If you progress so lazily, mind it, you will have to work against the clock in the end to complete it before the deadline.

10) As time goes by : [It means as the time progresses.]
Initially he was not very friendly with me. As time went by, we became very good friends and finally decided to start a business together.

11) For the time being : [It means that the action may continue, but not permanently.]
You may use my laptop to do your online job for the time being, But please buy a new one for yourself when your salary comes.

12) Call it a day : [To announce that the work is completed and we may leave.]
We have worked really well and I’m happy with the progress so far. So let’s now call it a day and meet tomorrow to achieve the next milestone.

So these are the some of the very good idioms that may help you create a good impact in less time. Hope you’d a great time reading it.

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