Congratulations! You have just decided to be two steps ahead of the mediocre crowd!

1.  Are you finding it hard to get your dream job?

2.  Are you unable to strike a great business deal?

3.  Are you unable to get promotion at work?

4.  Are you unable to impress your boss?

5.  Are you unable to impress your clients?

6. Do you lack conviction while talking to people?

7.  Are you underpaid according to your qualification?

8.  Do you want to develop an utterly unshakable confidence?

9.  Do you want to make more money than anyone in your circle?

10.  Do you want to be a charismatic, dynamic and flamboyant personality?

Excellent! Pick up your phone and dial our number. We at WABS TALK, are utterly passionate about our work. We breathe public speaking. We drink public speaking. We eat public speaking. We always try to explore new methods to encourage our students and ingrain soft skills in them. Learn from the utterly passionate professionals!

Have an Edge over the Others

Our Public Speaking Course will help you quadruple your chances of cracking an interview, striking a business deal or getting fast promotions. Your present position is a stepping stone to your new career. Moving to a new career is going to require new skills and qualifications. The corporate job that you have right now has taught you many skills which you can use for your next position.

A Great Mistake by Most of the Colleges

What mistake? A lot of students graduate from good colleges with good grades. In spite of that why are they unemployable? The answer lies in the fact that they lack in one great attribute: public speaking (soft skills). The focus in a great number of colleges is on developing the knowledge domain (hard skills), but hardly any give attention to soft skills development.

Join our Public Speaking Course

The objective of our course is to acquaint young men and women of the present generation with the details of soft skills. It offers intensive training in many of the soft skills that a professional must have besides hard skills. It is suitable for all the industries & ideal for entry level & middle managers. You can choose from a wide range of skill-set programmes, focusing on developing your corporate skills.


 Individual Attention.

 Innovative, Interesting and Flexible Teaching Methods.

 Small Batches.

 Enjoyable and Interactive Sessions.

 Strict Discipline.

 Flexible Batch Timings.

 Experienced Teachers.

 Our English Institute uses its own Study-material prepared by learned and experienced teachers.

 Mock Interviews Sessions.

 Positive and Conducive Learning Environment.

  Trophy Winning Competitions.

 Weekly Competitions to help students get exposure.

 Tests of Grammar, Vocabulary and Spoken English are taken every week.

 Special Classes are arranged for weak students.

 Regular Formation of Batches.

 Affordable Fee Structure.

 EMI option also available.

 Our English Speaking Institute tries best to provide Top Spoken English Classes and Courses.

 Institute uses Psychological Techniques to Boost Confidence of a Student in English Speaking.

 A Free Counselling Session is done before admission to help students choose best course for themselves.

Our Courses

English in Action

• The Power of Grammar

• Simple & Complex Sentence Making

• First Language & ESL Connection

• Speaking Skills

• Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases

• Writing

• Effective Oral Communication

Activities:  Situation Speaking

• Question Making

• Group discussions (more…)

FYIV: Find Your Inner Voice

Grammar Essentials: Basic and Advanced Grammar, Lexical Resource, General and Business Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases

5 W’s & 1 H: Learn Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of every talk or speech.

Personality Development: Gain confidence & learn the art of body language.

Learn to NAIL the Interview: Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews, making and receiving interview calls, resume writing, Mock Sessions

Oratory Skills: Speech Training, Prepared Speeches, Humorous Speeches, Prop Speeches, Visual Aid Speeches, (more…)

BASS: Become A Superstar Speaker

(Includes The Course FYIV)

Insight of Public Speaking: An in-depth training of delivering speeches at possibly any occasion, thorough discussions on the differences and techniques of speeches in different occasions

Conquer Your Stage Fear: Learn to master your inner self and win your audience

Learn ‘Art’ of Delivering Speeches: Public Speaking is an art. It includes presentation, stage use, story-telling, gestures, pauses, intonation, voice modulation and (more…)

Corporate Skills

(Includes The Course English & Public Speaking)

• Computer handling ( MS office, Excel, PowerPoint)

• Resume writing and interview mock sessions

• Report and email writing (more…)

Online or Home Training

• English Grammar

• Training of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

• Simple & Complex Sentence Making

• First Language & ESL Connection

• Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases (more…)

Our Co-Founder and Head trainer

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve-wrecking experience. REUBEN SINGH is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainers in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people. He is a learned man and a life coach who let’s you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way. So, whether speaking at a conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at a company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build your confidence to deliver impactful message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr. Reuben Singh who ardently believes, “ If you fall ten times, stand up the eleventh!”
Reuben Singh

What Our Students Say



I feel proud that i belong to Wabs Talk institute!

I personally never saw any institution focusing on the idea of public speaking which is still a fear for many of us. But Wabs talk not only help you to recover from your fears but also help you in building courage and confidence and adds charms to your personality. I am fan of the way they teach. Personal attention to every student. Individual agenda (more…)

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta

C A Professional

“Do you believe in transformations? Do you believe in changes?  If answer is yes, then it’s good but if it’s no then join WABS TALK. Get a dynamic personality, find the inner you and be a charismatic leader. All this at one destination. As the tagline says ‘Reinvent Yourself’, I actually reinvented a better me. I got the desired soft skills I envisioned of. There is fun and learning at WabsTalk. But beware this place would drag you out of your comfort zone. This place can change you completely! (more…)



I really feel so much improvement in my Speaking as well as Confidence!

If you really want to have good speaking, don’t think, just join Wabs Talk. Classes and environment, both are friendly and disciplined, which will help you to speak good. I really feel so much improvement and confidence in my speaking as well as confidence while speaking now.

Thank you Wabs Talk!



Mathematics Teacher shares her experience with Wabs Talk!

I am proud to say that I belong to the WABS TALK family. I learnt new techniques to improve my communication skills and I gained the confidence…😇😇 It is helping me out to search for the best opportunities in the PROFESSIONAL field too…



Faculties are awesome, specially Reuben sir!

Dear Friends, Wabs Talk (Moti Nagar) keeps less students in a class around 10-12 and faculties are also awesome, specially Reuben sir! When I joined the classes I was in little hesitation but their way of teaching is really unique and you will find it simple and easy to learn and understand.Grammar and speaking sessions on everyday basis (more…)



Aspiring Pilot Shares His Journey With Wabs Talk

My name is Praveen Kumar and I am from Odisha. I had a great time with Wabs Talk. And my speaking skills have improved a lot. Thanks to Reuben sir who is so motivational and inspirational. I want to thank my mates who also helped me in my speaking skills. It was a great journey with Wabs Talk. Hope we will meet again. Thank you!

Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma

I am Glad to be your Student . A Million Thanks to You!

Joining Wabs Talk is the best decision I have ever made in my life . First of all, if you can read this, thank a teacher. I would like to thank God that this human (Reuben Sir) is on earth like a candle which consumes itself to brighten the lives of others. Really I am finding good sort of words to explain this teacher. (more…)



Wabs Talk, an excellent platform to discover yourself!

I had a fear of public speaking. The reason for that could be the fear of being humiliated and criticised in public. Moreover I lacked confidence. Being an introvert it was like a nightmare for me and on top of that failing to make an eye contact made it far more worse. So I took a step to face my fear (more…)

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